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City Shul is about creating community by engaging everyone in the excitement of building this shul together.  Bring your ideas, your passion, your talent, your energy, your experience.  Bring your sense of adventure, your quirks, your questions, your solutions.  It's a collective Jewish barn-raising, and to do it we need every hand and heart.


Helping Hands Volunteers: Help decorate the room. Stuff envelopes. Be the one who says "I can do it, what do you need done?"  Contact our administrator Rivka.

Greet folks at services: Be the friendly face that says "hello", hands out prayerbooks, helps set-up the service, and welcomes folks to our City Shul inclusivity. Do it once in a while, once a year, or lots. Contact our ushers coordinator Anne. 

Shiva Minyan: Be a comforting presence when a City Shul member has a loss. We will train you in how to lead a shiva minyan, or just volunteer to go and be a "minyanaire" for our community. Contact our Volunteer Shiva Minyan coordinator Danny

Musicians/Singers Wanted! Can you lead a service, either Friday night or Saturday morning? If you are remotely familiar with services we can train you! Want to learn to chant Torah or haftarah? We can teach you! Contact

Mitzvah Group: Visit City Shul members when they are in hospital. Bake and cook for those who are sitting shiva or have just had a baby or are new in town. Organize rides for those who may need a lift to get to shul. Be the smile when a City Shul'er is lonely, stuck at home, sick in bed, needs a phone call. Host students whose families are out of town or new Jews who would like to be invited to a Shabbos dinner. And lots more ways to do mitzvahs and create a real, caring community. Contact our Mitzvah Group coordinators Brenda or Miriam.

Fri, 23 February 2018 8 Adar 5778